Pickleball Paddle Set – Family Pack




Our best pickleball paddle set is perfect for families who want to bond over an entertaining game of pickleball. This pickleball paddle set comes with everything you need for an enjoyable match:
• Two Adult Paddles: Crafted from raw carbon fibre, these paddles deliver exceptional spin, control, and power. Experience top-notch performance on the court with these high-quality paddles.
• Two Children Paddles: Specially designed for smaller hands, these paddles feature delightful designs like Astronaut and Unicorn, making them an instant hit with kids. Get the whole family involved and enjoy pickleball together.
• Paddle Covers: Protect your paddles from scratches and damage with the included covers. It ensures that your paddles remain in optimal condition and ready for the next game.
• Over Grips: Improve your handle grip and enhance durability with the over grips. Enjoy a firm and comfortable hold on the paddle, enhancing your overall playing experience.
• Balls: Start playing immediately with the set of balls in the pack. Get the game rolling and enjoy endless fun with your family.


This Pickleball set has the following exceptional features:

  • Raw Carbon Fiber Honeycomb Polymer Construction: Our paddles are constructed using high-quality raw carbon fibre material, guaranteeing exceptional performance on the pickleball court. Benefit from better spin, improved control, and increased power for a remarkable playing experience.
  • Improved Ball Control: The surface is sand coated to increase grip and friction on the ball, giving you more control over your shots. Execute accurate shots with assurance and grace.
  • Choice of Shapes: Choose between regular-shaped paddles for a traditional feel and balanced performance or elongated-shaped paddles for extended reach and a more prominent sweet spot. Make your paddle selection according to your playing preferences and style.
  • Enhanced Sweet Spot: Our paddles are expertly made to maximize the sweet spot, resulting in a more accommodating and reliable striking zone. On the court, take advantage of enhanced stroke consistency and precision.
  • Sweatproof and Comfortable Grip: Our paddles include a sweatproof grip that provides exceptional comfort and helps reduce hand fatigue during matches. For prolonged durations of play, grasp the paddle firmly and comfortably.
  • Solid Build: Designed to resist the rigours of professional play and regular usage, our paddles blend raw carbon fibre with sturdy quality to ensure long-lasting endurance. Enjoy a sturdy and dependable paddle that you can use for many different activities.
  • Greater Manoeuvrability: The 4-inch handle offers more excellent manoeuvrability, allowing for swift and accurate moves on the pickleball court. Respond quickly to shots, change lanes without effort, and display agility and skill during frantic rallies.

Why Pick This Paddle Set?

  • Strengthen Family Bonds: Foster stronger relationships through friendly competition, fostering connection and unity.
  • Promote an Active Lifestyle: Engage in physical activity as a family, instilling positive habits and values for overall well-being.
  • Build Lasting Memories: Create cherished moments and a legacy through exciting rallies, shared laughter, and unforgettable experiences on the court.

Experience the joy of pickleball while enhancing family relationships, well-being, and lifelong memories with the Pickleball Set – Family Pack.